The real question about Cruz’s affairs

The National Inquirer is reporting that Ted Cruz has had multiple affairs, including one with a Trump staffer.cruz

Now this probably won’t matter much to Republican evangelical voters, who have already shown, with their support of Trump, that to them, “Christian values” really don’t exist.

It should be pointed out that there are no hard facts in this story, but then again, the Inquirer broke the Lewinski/Clinton scandal, the John Edwards scandal, and even the Gary Hart scandal — so there may be something there.

In any event, this all avoids the big question:

How desperate do you have to be to have sex with Ted Cruz?


One thought on “The real question about Cruz’s affairs

  1. I am curious about the “wild sex worker.” I first thought it was some rogue prostitute defying the rules of the trade. However, that could be a description of the sex, not the worker, so the prostitute just specializes in wild sex in a very professional way. We call porn stores “sexually oriented businesses” in Texas, so this could just be one of the retail people behind the counter who also happens to have a wild personal life.
    I find that much more interesting than Cruz and now I want to know the jurisdiction of the “sex worker.” I hope those magazines aren’t too much more expensive than they used to be, I’ll have to read it next time I’m in line.


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