A note for April Foolers

A clever April Fool’s joke is always welcome, especially when it’s just plain funny, like an Onion article.morais_woody allen puppet 615

The kind of April Fool’s joke where you say a lie and then after everyone believes you, you say “April Fools!” is generally not appreciated. It’s not really clever and certainly distracts from people who really do have serious things happen to them tomorrow. Besides, anyone can do that. It doesn’t take skill or talent to say “Oh no, I broke my leg! Ha ha, April Fools.”

However, if your April Fool’s day lie is humorous, very clever, and most likely not believable, I’d love to read it. A good laugh is always welcome. (“I’ve just been asked to be Trump’s running mate!”)

Anyway, please be clever if you’re posting an April Fool’s joke. Thanks.

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