Stupid Hillary Attacks

Look, there are legitimate differences and comparisons that can be made when deciding which candidate to support. However, I have seen some pretty ridiculous ones lately from Bernie fans trying to knock down Hillary.

The first shows Hillary’s home in comparison to Bernie’s. The implication is that Hillary is out of touch with us because she lives in a nice rich mansion while Bernie lives in a standard family home. Uhfg62B

But come on — Hillary was married to the freakin’ President of the Goddamn United States of America, you know. I’d like to think that our Presidents can live nicely. Hell, I’d love to have a house like that. What’s wrong with living in a nice house that you worked all your life to earn?

So why does that disqualify her or make her less of a good candidate? Because she has money? Some of our best Presidents have been insanely rich — Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy weren’t that bad, nor for that matter was George Washington. And Hillary was not born rich like those guys were.

The second meme that’s bugging me today me compares the years each has been in public service, as if that was all that mattered. Really? All it takes is more years than the other person? Well, by that standard, Senator Orrin Hatch is the most qualified guy in the country to be President. And boy, that Strom Thurmond had more experience than anyone — who cares if he was a hypocritical, lying racist bastard unfit to even step into the Capitol building?

Many of these same anti-Hillary people supported Barack Obama at a time where he had much less experience than she did — but now, apparently, that is important.

Mind you, I am a Bernie supporter but this is not how I want him to win. Seriously folks, talk about their differences on the issues. Let’s not debate silly things. Leave that for the Republicans.


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