Why I voted for Bernie today

Today is primary day and the big state with the most delegates is Pennsylvania, where I am. And I voted for Bernie.bernie bird

Do I expect him to win? No, although it’s still possible (though unlikely).

But this is a primary and not a final election. Voting for who I really want in a primary is much different than the November election where you often have to choose the lesser of two evils. And since this is not a “winner take all” election, even if he only gets 40% of the delegates, that gives him more power at the convention to get his issues brought forward and make sure the Democratic platform talks about them.

I don’t think Bernie ever expected to do as well as he is doing. He originally said he wanted to run to emphasize his issues, and he certainly has accomplished that.

But most importantly, voting for him sends a signal to politicians: You don’t have to suck up to the big money interests to run a good campaign. You don’t have to shy away from socialist ideas. You don’t have to move to the right to get votes.

And Hillary supporters who say I’m naive and idealistic have to explain why Bernie does better against any Republican than she does.



One thought on “Why I voted for Bernie today

  1. I voted for Bernie because this is the first chance since Lyndon Johnson to have a true Progressive wave election and do good things again in this country. People say “he can’t get done what he says he will do, but unless we try we won’t accomplish what this country needs. We need to replace most of Congress who have done nothing but take this country backwards.

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