Highlights from the 2nd Day of the Republican Convention

Highlights from day two of the Republican convention:

Republicans one by one helped keep the Melania plagiarism scandal afloat by insisting that it never happened instead of taking responsibility and moving on. That’s the current Republican way of dealing with things, of course — deny facts over and over again and hope people don’t notice. The press certainly did, with Chuck Todd being amazed at how incompetent the Trump campaign was at handling this.trump

The band Third Eye Blind trolled the GOP by accepting an invitation to play at some party and then refusing to play any of their hits — except the one about the gay kid who commits suicide because he’s bullied. They then ended their set with a plea for acceptance which, of course, was met with boos from the bigots in the audience. When one fan there tweeted that she had never been so disappointed, the band tweeted back “Good.”

The Republican platform is being celebrated, and it includes a passage that calls for the reversal of environmental standards, and calls coal a “clean” energy. Coming soon from the GOP:  War is peace, freedom is slavery, and ignorance is strength.

At the actual convention, speakers spent most of their time trying to paint Hillary as the most evil person in the world because, hey, the alternative would be trying to come up with something nice to say about Trump.

Chris Christie claimed that Hillary helped Boko Haram kidnap girls because you know, anything that happens in other parts of the world while a Democrat is President is entirely their fault, as opposed to say when the largest attack in history to happen on American soil occurs in the middle of New York City — that’s totally not the fault of Republicans in charge.

Trump’s top adviser for veteran’s affairs called for Hillary Clinton to be executed for treason, and of course, the GOP cheered him on.

The RNC co-chair got up and called President Bill Clinton a rapist. Yeah, good, set the standard for class, people.

Donald Trump Jr. then rattled off a bunch of lies which everyone cheered, the strangest of which was that Hillary Clinton wanted to get rid of medicare. The Washington Post fact-checker politely reported that this “appears to have no factual basis” — which is a nice way of saying “liar, liar, pants on fire.”

Seriously, which party has spent 50 years trying to get rid of medicare?  Let’s see, was it the Greens?  No… I’m sure it will come to me.




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