The celebrity double standard

Many conservatives are in mock outrage over Robert DeNiro saying “Fuck Trump” at the Tony Awards the other night (which, of course, is what you’re supposed to say to people who want to be dictators). Many of these are the same people who happily welcomed people to their convention wearing “Hillary is a cunt” T-shirts.

“Celebrities shouldn’t talk about politics!” they say unironically as they support a reality TV star who invites Kid Rock and Kim Kardashian into the Oval office where a picture of movie star Ronald Reagan hangs, as Ted Nugent and Charlton Heston host Republican rallies attended by Meat Loaf, Mel Gibson, and Rosanne Barr. “They should just keep quiet!”

DeNiro, of course, is a native New Yorker and New Yorkers know Trump best, which is why he won a grand total of 18% of the vote there.  When asked about his profane comments about Trump, DeNiro responded:  “You talkin’ to me?” 636642680125721262-USP-ENTERTAINMENT-72ND-TONY-AWARDS-100536623


This cliched Presidency

If you saw this in a movie, you’d think “This is so unbelievable and so cliched.”

President wins by a loophole after being supported by our cliched Russian enemy using underhanded and illegal means. The President is a reality show host who has a history of being a terrible landlord who has been married many times, mistreats and abuses woman while bragging about it, lies constantly, and has the maturity of a kindergarten child.trump evil

He then appoints the man most responsible for the foreclosure crisis to be in charge of the economy; appoints a woman who wants to destroy public education as Secretary of Education; appoints people who don’t believe in science in charge of science, appoints lawyers who have no experience in law to be judges; and gives the rest of his appointments to his family despite laws against nepotism.

He then channels government funds in a way to profit his personal businesses, which he refuses to place into a blind trust, and refuses to release his taxes despite promising to do so.

He tries to cut a popular health care program for no reason, wants to raise taxes on the poor and reduce them on the rich while letting his billionaire friends write off expenses like personal jets and yachts.

He has a propaganda machine concentrated in one network in particular and supported by many smaller stations and newspapers which repeat lies enough that eventually people believe them.

And to top this all off, he is supported by KKK members and literal nazis.

In a movie, this would be rejected as being too blatantly obvious. “These bad guys are just too evil — no one would believe it!”

All we’re missing is a maniacal laugh.

Ye Olde Double Standard

Trump: “I like to brag about grabbing pussies against their will and walking into underage girls’ dressing rooms. And I don’t apologize for it.”

GOP: “What a guy! Let’s elect him our leader!”

Franken: “I posed for a funny picture where I pretended to grope a sleeping woman. There were witnesses, a photographer, and I’m clearly doing it for humorous effect. I apologize completely for my crude actions, and hope everyone will forgive me for this.”

GOP: “He needs to resign immediately!”


The post-factual world

You know what is the most depressing thing about politics today? It’s that facts don’t matter.
I spent my life and career learning how to debate using facts and logic as my weapons and none of that matters any more.

The President and his followers lie and state what they believe even when it is blatantly false, when it can be shown clearly and without a doubt to be false, and no one cares. They believe anyway.

The unemployment rate is 42%. The murder rate is higher than it’s been in 40 years. 3 million illegals voted in the election. People believe the shit coming out of Trump’s mouth!

cartoon by Bill Day

This is why we can’t win arguments with them, and why we have to learn a new way to win in politics.  Clearly, being honest and true doesn’t work any more.

This is also why I keep saying we need to stop being so damn nice. We have to stop being the smart kid who gets beaten up by the bully. Sure, we’re right, but we keep losing.

And the sad thing is that there are intelligent conservatives out there who know perfectly well this is all bullshit but they let Trump get away with it so they can accomplish their own personal goals of dismantling the EPA or destroying the public schools or getting rid of regulations on Wall Street. They’re not stupid like Trump and the rubes who believe his lies. They’re just plain evil for allowing it to happen.

Now, I’m not saying stoop to their level. Don’t be evil. Don’t lie. I’m saying hit them back hard, laugh at them (they hate that) and fight them every step of the way.

Don’t let the bullies win.

President fails Civics 101

Yesterday’s angry Trump Tweet showed clearly that the man whose job it is to oversee our government is completely unqualified for the position.


Yeah, how dare a judge (or in this case, six of them so far) declare that what Trump was doing was unconstitutional? Where does that judge get such an absurd idea — the Constitution?

Our President couldn’t pass a fifth grade civics course. If he were one of the refugees fleeing terrorism, he would fail the basic US citizenship test. As many of us said throughout the campaign, the man is the most unqualified person ever to run for President, and now he is the most unqualified President ever.

And it’s not like this is some left-wing spin against the man, with fake news. He proves it himself, every day, as he posts his angry tweets and speaks on things he has no knowledge of or even a desire to learn about. Just ask Frederick Douglass — I’m sure he’s around to tell you.

The fact is that Trump does not have the power to just ignore US laws (not to mention US treaties) and unilaterally decide our immigration policy, nor can he limit it to one religion. (Oh, come now, don’t give me that argument that it’s about countries when these are all Muslim countries and Trump himself has referred to it as a “Muslim ban” — he even uses the word “ban” in the tweet above. And I’m not even going to spend time showing that none of the countries chosen have been the source of terrorism in the US, while the countries that have are not part of the ban — remember, those other countries do business with Trump.)

Our so-called President is mad at this “so-called judge” (to use his words) who was appointed by that mad liberal George W. Bush. Then again, let’s remember the words of George W. Bush here: “The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace. These terrorists don’t represent peace. They represent evil and war.”

But expecting our current so-called President to understand that? Why, that would require him to know something. And he clearly has no desire to learn.

By my count, there’s been six rulings already on this (and an appeal late last night), and not one has gone Trump’s way. Can all the judges, both liberal and conservatives, be completely wrong about the Constitution that they’ve spent their adult lives studying — or can Lord Dampnut be correct? You choose!

Poll Shows No Support for Trump

Let’s face it, a majority of Americans didn’t want Trump, don’t agree with the Republican platform, and hope that he’ll fail in his goals. More importantly, they don’t believe the lies coming out of the White House.

For the GOP to pretend otherwise is not surprising of course, since they are the party of “Alternative Facts” and fake news.Donald Trump

The newest PPP Poll shows this clearly.  In every single matter, Trump loses. Seriously, the public is not on his side about anything.

He starts off with the lowest approval rating of any newly elected President ever (since they started doing these polls). The majority of respondents think he’ll be a worse President than any we’ve had since Nixon.

Only 18% believe Trump when he falsely claimed that his inauguration crowds were bigger than the Women’s March a day later. 17% believed the fake news claim that George Soros paid these people to march. (Hey, I know a lot of marchers who would be upset to learn this, because they didn’t get a cent.)

59% want to see Trump’s tax returns, with 54% supporting a law requiring all candidates to release their returns. 61% want him to completely divest himself from all his business interests.

When it comes to whether they trust Trump, respondents chose the intelligence agencies, CNN and even The Today Show over our “President.”  Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway scored even lower, if you can believe that.

Vladimir Putin, by the way, has a 67% unpopularity rating with only 10% saying they have a favorable opinion of him. Russia itself has only a 13% approval rating. Just saying.

Only 34% want to see the wall built. Only 30% want to repeal Obamacare completely, with a plurality supporting it.

Of course, Republicans will once again attack the messenger and claim that the highly respected PPP poll is biased or something. This is to be expected. Ignore them as you do any other time.

Trump and the Hookers

Let’s assume the current rumors about Trump and the hookers is false (which it probably is).

Can I still revel in the schadenfreude of the whole thing — that a man who spent the last eight years pushing lies about Obama not being born in America now has to deal with his own fake news stories? That people are believing this even though we currently don’t have any proof of it at all?tad-quote

And, just in case they are true, allow me to say this:

Remember when I blogged “Look, the issue isn’t the word ‘pussy’ it’s the word ‘grab.'”?

In this case, the issue isn’t the words “golden showers” — it’s the word “hooker.”

Seriously, the words “President of the United States of America” and “hooker” should never appear in the same sentence.

(By the way, “Trump and the Hookers” is a good name for a band.)