Highlights from the 3rd Day of the Republican Convention

Get out the popcorn. This just keeps getting better. Let’s look at the third day of the GOP Hatefest. I swear, if I were writing a satire of the extremism of the party, it would be less ridiculous than this.

Republicans spent much of their time seriously debating Hillary Clinton, with the two options being “Should we jail her, or just kill her?” ingraham21n-1-web

Apologists for Melania Trump’s stolen speech continued to ignore the obvious theft, with one Brony even arguing with a straight face that since a character on My Little Pony has said similar things, then clearly there was nothing wrong with plagiarism.  But hey, you have to admit that Melania’s speech certainly made her sound like a First Lady — That First Lady being  Michelle Obama.

Trump, whose catch-phrase is “You’re fired,” did not fire Meredith McIver, the woman who wrote Melania’s speech. What is interesting though is that the writer works for Trump in his business, meaning that it is illegal for him to be paying her with his business’ money to to work for the campaign. But is anyone surprised at that? What makes this story even better is that some media outlets are claiming that Meredith McIver is not a real person but another alias Trump uses, like “John Miller.”

Ted Cruz got most of the attention last night when he spoke and refused to endorse Trump, telling people instead to “vote their conscience.” Who would have thought that the tons of insults Trump threw at Cruz during the primaries would cause Cruz to think that maybe this guy wasn’t fit to be President?

Apparently Ted, unlike Chris Christie, survived the primary season with his balls intact. Christie, meanwhile, is having a fit over the fact that he wasn’t picked for Vice President. (Insert Nelson laugh)

But my favorite part of the convention was when right-wing nutcase Laura Ingraham ended her speech with the nazi salute. Seriously, this actually happened.  “Have you seen my friend Kyle? He’s about this tall. We need to seek Kyle. Seek Kyle!  Seek Kyle!”


One thought on “Highlights from the 3rd Day of the Republican Convention

  1. My husband told me about that. It reminded me of that Trump rally where he had the audience raise their right hands and it looked like a Nazi rally. I wondered if she was referencing that. Whatever the reason, it makes me sick and uneasy.


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