Integrity has nothing to do with the GOP abandonment of Trump

The Republican party reminds me of a drunken frat party.

They’ve all jumped into a car, drunk and cheering as they laugh about how they’ve stood up to the nerds and stopped them from getting anything done.  drunktrumpThey’ve allowed various dangerous drivers to take the wheel but, being that they have to stick together, no one has had the balls enough to say, “You know, maybe we should slow down and stop heading for that cliff.”

A few may have made some comments in that direction but when it appeared that perhaps they could be sitting “shotgun” they quickly hid their feelings and sucked up to the crazy driver who claimed he knew what he was doing.

Now the car is about to drive off the cliff and a few of the smarter ones have bailed, saying that they do not approve.

So far, seven Republican members of Congress have come out and said that they cannot support Trump. Many others have remained silent as to their intentions.

This has less to do with honor or integrity and more to do with trying to save their own skin before the car crashes into flames at the bottom of the canyon.

Where were they when their party got taken over by the religious fundamentalists, the obstructionists, the racists, the know-nothings? Trump isn’t different from all of those — he is the epitome of them. He is taking the Republican party in the exact same direction they have been heading for years.

Now they think that’s a bad idea?


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