Pence’s horrible positions

Don’t be fooled by the calm demeanor Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence may present during the debate. The man is a radical extremist, holding positions that are often much more harmful to our society than anything Trump may say. Remember: this is the man who gained fame a while ago for passing Indiana’s so-called “Religious Freedom Act” legalizing discrimination against gays and lesbians. He believes that “God’s law trumps America’s laws” (and only his god, and his interpretation of his god, of course). He is dangerous.

Pence believes:mike-pence-x750

  • Gay people can be “cured” and the government should use taxpayer money to do this
  • We should take away marriage from gay and lesbian couples and prohibit them in the future
  • No enforcement of anti-gay hate crimes
  • Life begins at conception, and therefore all abortion is murder
  • Stem cells are also “life” and as such it should be illegal to experiment using them and illegal to use them to cure people of diseases
  • Fetuses should be considered “people” under the 14th amendment
  • No regulation of the mortgage industry to prevent fraud and the housing market collapse
  • Allow teacher-led prayer in schools
  • Amend the Constitution to prohibit flag desecration
  • Repeal Obamacare and replace it with nothing
  • Bar the EPA from regulating oil and gas emissions or greenhouse gasses
  • No family leave after childbirth
  • Support for Citizen’s United and the “right” for people and corporations to contribute to campaigns anonymously
  • Loosen restrictions on the sales of guns
  • No net neutrality, thus allowing internet providers to charge more and censor sites
  • In favor of the Patriot Act’s ability to allow warrantless wiretaps
  • Build a wall separating us from Mexico



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