For Trump Supporters: a Thought Experiment

Dear Trump supporters:

Just for the hell of it, let’s pretend a Democrat is running for President. And then let’s imagine you discover the following:

  • He’s been married three times and admits he cheated on his wives
  • He refuses to show you his tax returns
  • He’s facing a major lawsuit over a business he started where he allegedly defrauded his customers

  • He has another trial pending where he is accused of raping an underage girl
  • He has admitted to groping women against their will
  • He’s been sued many times, lost quite a few cases, and settled many more
  • He has hired illegal immigrants to do work on his property
  • He’s created fake charities and used the money to pay off his own debts and buy paintings of himself
  • He’s been endorsed by the KKK and the American Nazi Party

I could go on, but the question remains: Would you let a Democrat get away with these things? Be honest now.

One thought on “For Trump Supporters: a Thought Experiment

  1. DJT: crimes against defenseless individuals – wholly deplorable soul killing. * Projected: moves into power and applies it to defenseless clauses in the constitution.

    HRC: crimes against the institution of the state, affecting all – death by a million cuts. * Projected: moves up in power and applies a million cuts to individual enemies.

    How can we takes sides with this? vote Trump (Rep outsider) this time and Bernie? (Dem outsider) next time and finally a different, clearer way arises. Ron Paul looking good after all.


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