Alternative Feh

Troll: (states non-truth)

Me: (link to Snopes showing it’s a non-truth)

Troll: LOL Snopesgroucho

Me: So you attack the messenger because you cannot challenge the message?

Troll: (link to article “Is Snopes run by Democratic loyalists?”) See? They’re run by Democratic loyalists and they lie constantly.

Me: Did you read the Factcheck article? Because their conclusion was that the accusation was false.

Troll: …

This is the world we live in now, folks, where facts don’t matter to the True Believers.

One thought on “Alternative Feh

  1. Similar experience recently. Friend #1 posted link to article claiming that 70% of olive oils are fake. Friend #2 cited Snopes, which cited sources to prove the original study demonstrated that 69% of “extra virgin” olive oils didn’t meet that stringent standard. Friend #1 replies, “hey, isn’t Snopes biased?” Whereupon friend #2 says, “Who are you going to trust, Snopes that cites sources, or some health food site of unknown reliability that doesn’t?”

    Sadly, I suspect friend #1 went with the less trustworthy source. And this on an issue that has nothing to do with liberal politics, which is what Snopes was accused of favoring!


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