Gods, UFOs, and evidence

There’s the one thing I always have to wonder about religious people and UFO/alien buffs.

Why is it that out of all the holy books in all of the religions all over the world, not one contains any information that would not have been known by the primitive people at the time?


sometimes they overlap

You’d think one of those gods would have said, “Hey, the earth isn’t flat, and it revolves around the sun. Also, diseases are caused by germs. Everything is made of atoms. There’s an entire other continent across the ocean. Slavery is actually a bad thing. Plus the Red Sox will win the World Series in 2004.”

Nope. Instead we get talking snakes, world-wide floods, people living in whales, angels, devils, and unicorns. It’s almost as if all of these books were written by primitive sheep herders instead of being the Word of God or something.

And the UFO buffs kind of fall into this same category. If flying saucers have been visiting and watching us for thousands of years (because they like building pyramids and stonehenges or something), why has not a single piece of evidence been found? Surely some alien would have dropped something over those years. (If you dropped an iphone forty years ago people would have thought it was some alien technology.) Maybe a piece of a spaceship would have fallen off and we’d have some unusual metal. Or perhaps one of those alien abductors could have said, “Yo, here’s the Grand Unified Theory.”

But then again, as I’ve said before, one of the biggest mysteries to me in life is how otherwise intelligent, rational people will ignore all logic and facts when they really want to believe something.

And ironically, many of the religious folks laugh at the UFO crowd while the UFO crowd laugh at the religious folks despite their similarities.

One thought on “Gods, UFOs, and evidence

  1. Though I have read memes posted by fundamentalists that claim to show the Bible was way ahead of science. Sadly for them, many of these require creatively interpreting the Bible (the world is round, ignoring all the passages that imply flatness), describe as “science” early philosophical theories (bodily humors), and sometimes just getting things wrong (“the blood is the life;” well, no, if you have to attribute it to one substance, DNA would be a better candidate, or maybe oxygen for animals).

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