First drafts: Band names

I saw this on Facebook recently:


I suggested a few possibilities and asked people to name their own and had hundreds of replies.  Some of these did not exactly follow the concept, and instead just used synonyms or otherwise changed a band’s name to make it funnier.

So let’s rebrand this. Instead, let’s call it “Band names: First drafts.” Here are my favorite suggestions in no particular order (except my entries first because it’s my blog):

Michael A. Ventrella:

  • They Probably Aren’t Giants
  • Slight Disturbance at the Disco
  • Completely Clothed Ladies
  • Foo Negotiators
  • Frank Zappa and the Brothers-in-Law of Invention
  • The Wilburys Who Stay at Home
  • Brunettey
  • Prince and the Peaceful Protest
  • QQ Top
  • Affirmative
  • The Foreplay Pistols
  • Derek and the Mahjong Tiles
  • Diana Ross and the Appellate Judges
  • Aerojones
  • Run-DMV
  • Battery-Operated Light Orchestra
  • Huey Lewis and the Fake News
  • Doubt
  • Adams Airplane

Terri Lynn Coop:

  • Bruce Springsteen and Some Band From Down the Street
  • KC and the Clear with a High of 74 Band
  • Trans-Sheybogen Orchestra

Mary Bacon:

  • The Grateful Only-Mostly-Dead

Gerald Blackwell:

  • The Stop-Stops

David Gerrold:

  • Bear-Naked Laddies
  • Crimson Thing

Steve Vaughan:

  • The Happy Blues
  • Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Flats
  • Sort of Whitish-Red Floyd

Lauretta Nagel:

  • Earth, Wind and Mudslide
  • Puce Floyd
  • Creedence Dishwater Revival

Beth Waggoner Patterson:

  • Yeah
  • Nuns With Attitude
  • Thing Crimson
  • Herman’s Introverts

Douglas Waltman:

  • Disappointment with the Machine

James Ryan:

  • Frankie Goes to Atwater Village

Mickey Blake:

  • Tears for Mild Anxieties
  • Prime Ministers of Canada

Farber Burny:

  • 10,000 Mildly Disturbed People
  • Normal Al Yankovich

Drew Bittner: 

  • AC/District of Columbia
  • Super Girl-With-an-Undeserved-Bad-Reputation

Billy Flynn:

  • Judas Altar Boy
  • Wimpy Wimpy Employeetones

Jay Pennington:

  • Tom Petty and the Let Them Down Easys
  • Molly Pocketknife
  • Led Balloon
  • Gladys Knight and the Peeps
  • Black Shabbat
  • Guns N’ Noses
  • Deep Beige
  • Pearl Jelly
  • Blue Cläm Cult
  • Spin Internists

Ken Warren:

  • The Mall Cops

Randy Eberle:

  • Aluminum Maiden

Ryk Spoor:

  • Snoop Puppy
  • The Ensign and Tenille

Savannah Luther:

  • Three Inch Nails
  • Florence and the Lever

John Herring:

  • One Dog Night
  • Thirty-cent
  • Wu-Tang Relatives
  • The Whom

Sharon Lyn Terrill:

  • Start a Letter Writing Campaign to the Machine
  • Jane’s 3AM Trip to Denny’s

Mark Davis:

  • Resident Dre
  • Slightly Disheveled Crue

Kevin Gould:

  • The Guess What

David Edward Martin: 

  • Evanston

Steven Morgenlender:

  • The Aunts and Uncles

Chris Meadows:

  • Hurry
  • Indignant Girls

Raymond Lawson:

  • Spice Rack Girls

Lee Hester:

  • The Credible String Band
  • LEM (Lazy Eye Movement)

Charles Rowe:

  • Jefferson Paper Plane

Michael Engler:

  • Me3
  • Broccolirama

Jason Harris Vichinsky:

  • Slingshots and Roses

Manny Borges: 

  • Sedan Halen
  • Alice in Jeans

Rich Weiss:

  • Old Farts on the Block

I’ll be doing other “first draft” challenges on Facebook to later post here; I think this could be fun. Suggestions are welcome.

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