Republicans are anti-democracy

The history of the United States is all about how those in power have done everything they can to keep the rest of us out of power.

While we are indeed a democratic country, we’re way behind other democratic countries when it comes to truly representing everyone.

The Constitution is part of the problem. The Electoral College and the way the Senate works means that property is more powerful than people, since the states are not evenly represented.  And the fact that we haven’t changed the number of members of the House of Representatives in almost 100 years also hurts.

But the people in power — here, the Republicans — have done everything they can to make sure that we, the people, are not represented. Through gerrymandering, voter suppression, ridiculous voter registration requirements, voter purges, limiting voter access and polling places, and otherwise making the most basic right in a democracy into a burden, they using every tool they have to prevent us from using our voices.wasserman2

And it’s tremendously hard for us to fight them. Thanks to the Republican-led Supreme Court, secret money can be channeled to candidates. Thanks to Republican judges in lower courts, voters can be denied their rights for things like having a PO Box instead of a street address in North Dakota even though it’s plain as day where you live and where it doesn’t even matter in a state-wide election.  And whenever there is a movement to make sure there is no voter tampering or Russian interference, the Republicans vote to do nothing and to shut down investigations.

And they’re cheating in other ways too, such as having the Georgia candidate for Governor oversee the election in which he is the candidate, which is like having a judge oversee a trial where he is the defendant.

Because they know their views are in the minority. They know that if everyone had an equal vote, they’d always lose. Our views are the majority views.

The only way we can be represented by doing what they don’t want us to do: vote. They can’t suppress everyone.

Republicans will do everything they can to win an election except get the most votes.

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