Trump IS the wall

There’s a way to get things done in Washington. You pass a law, make sure there is money in the budget for it, and poof, it gets done.

At any time in the past two years, Trump could have gone to the House and Senate, both run by Republicans, and gotten his wall financed. He did not do so.

Once the Democrats took the House, he then demanded funding for it. The Democrats said no. “If you don’t give me what I want, I will shut down the government,” he threatened. The Democrats said no again. And he shut down the government.

The House and the Senate then passed a resolution to open it back up again. And Trump vetoed

The Democrats have tried a number of times to pass that exact same bill to reopen government, but now Mitch McConnell, knowing it would pass, has refused to allow it to reach the Senate floor.

“Give me my wall or I won’t reopen the government!” Trump whines like a baby.

“We don’t negotiate with terrorists,” the Democrats say. “You want a wall? Pass a law like it’s supposed to work in a democracy.”

So when the mindless Republicans try to spin this to say the Democrats are the ones refusing to compromise, just point out that this is not how democracy works. A dictator says “Give me what I want or I’ll hurt you,” not a President. Democracy requires you to gain the majority on your side to get a bill passed.

Not that Trump or any of his followers understand politics anyway.

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