My radical, socialist, 75-year old platform

It’s always amazing to me how my crazy, far-left socialist plans would fit perfectly into the 1944 Democratic platform.



Besides reiterating its support for “social security, including old age pensions, unemployment insurance, security for crippled and dependent children and the blind,” it called for (and these are exact quotes): “legislation assuring equal pay for equal work, regardless of sex” as well as “a Constitutional amendment on equal rights for women.” It emphasized “that racial and religious minorities have the right to live, develop and vote equally with all citizens and share the rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution” and stated that “Congress should exert its full constitutional powers to protect those rights.” It dedicated itself to full benefits for veterans, support for small businesses, and the tax structure under President Roosevelt of 94% for income over $200,000 (or slightly more than $2 million in today’s numbers). And then, of course, there was Roosevelt’s plan for a national health care policy…

The GOP has done such a great job of moving everyone to the right that when a Democrat suggests things that were mainstream 75 years ago, they seem radical.


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