Obama and the 57 States

Recently, one of those crazy Trump supporters tried to defend Trump’s many gaffes by saying, “Oh yeah? Well, Obama once said there were 57 states!”

All you have to do is watch the video of Obama saying “I’ve been to 50 …” and then there’s one of those long Obama pauses, and then he realizes that he had only been to 47 states, and then he says “…7 states” because he had a brain fart like all of us have and forgot he had said 50 and thought he had said 40.

Does anyone really think a professor of Constitutional Law and United States Senator who graduated from Columbia and Harvard doesn’t know how many states we have?

I’ll bet if people followed you around all day for years and recorded everything you said, you’d have a few examples as well.

And seriously, if that is the only example you can find of Obama misspeaking — compared to the daily ones Trump has — you’re really showing your bias here.

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