Keeping the cultists happy

Despite not winning one serious case of voter fraud after filing over 50, the Trump camp is continuing in its ridiculous quest to try to negate an obvious huge loss to the president. Judges, on the other hand, are loving it because they can write scathing decisions with the same sort of glee that a film critic has in panning an awful movie. The incompetence of the lawyers filing these things is fun to destroy.

And they’re not even pretending this is about fair elections any more, are they? They only file suits and claim there was something wrong in states Trump lost. And note that none of these lawsuits ever uses the word “fraud” because the lawyers know it isn’t.

They’re just filing these frivolous lawsuits so the rubes will keep contributing and they can con them into believing in outrageous conspiracy theories. Gotta keep the cultists loyal.

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