All laws are tyranny!

Refuse to bow to tyranny!

The government wants to force us to get vaccinated and wear masks! It’s the very definition of tyranny!

Even though that was the case when George Washington ordered people to get vaccinated during a pandemic in his time, and even though masks were required during the 1918 Flu Epidemic, and even though children have always been required by law to be vaccinated for every other major disease, this time it’s really tyranny! Because we said so, that’s why!

No more laws telling us what we have to do! Freedom!!!!

No more laws telling us we can’t smoke in no smoking zones! Screw everyone else’s health! They should look out for themselves and not restrict my freedom — screw their freedom to be free from disease.

And traffic lights? Who is the government to tell me I can’t drive through the intersection whenever I want? Other people need to care for themselves and look out for me — I have no responsibilities to anyone else!

And why can’t I hire children to work in my factory if they want to? For that matter, why are there any laws at all? If I want to murder someone, it’s their responsibility to look out for me!

Tyranny, I tells ya!

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