Judges can be biased, too

I had a case one time where the judge ruled against me in a pre-trial motion. My client was mad. “You said the law was on my side!” he said.

“It is,” I replied. “The judge is wrong.”

His expression told me he had never considered that, but you have to realize that becoming a judge often has more to do with getting elected or appointed and not necessarily because you’re an unibased person or a great legal mind. In fact, sometimes it’s because you have a bias that you get elected or appointed.

Just something to keep in mind when analyzing why someone might win or lose a case. A judge has a lot of power, through their rulings, to sway the case in a direction they want it to go.

One of the themes in my book on the Constitution is “all law is politics” and if you always keep that in mind, things make a lot more sense.

Or, in the case of Rittenhouse, nonsense.

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