Trump judge gets rid of mask mandates from CDC

A federal judge in Florida recently struck down the CDC’s mask mandate. It violates passenger’s freedoms, apparently. Making people take off their shoes and go through detectors that can see through clothing? Perfectly fine.

Here’s the problem with this decision:

The CDC has the power to set these regulations. A judge is supposed to check to make sure the regulations don’t violate the law or the Constitution.

This judge ruled against it based on looking at the facts and basically saying, “I disagree with the CDC’s decision.”

In other words, the judge replaced the experts’ opinion on what should be done with her own, without any legal reason to make such a decision.

That’s called “judicial activism” which conservatives hate except when they do it.

This judge (Kathryn Kimball Mizelle) was appointed by Trump after he had already lost the election. The Republicans rushed her through confirmation, which is something they had previously said was outrageous when Obama tried to appoint a judge a year before the election. Like many of Trump’s judicial appointments, she was rated “unqualified” by the American Bar Association.

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