Doing the Republican’s job to attack Democrats

We Democrats have some very good candidates this time. Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, Julian Castro … I’d be happy to have any of them as President.

So please Democrats. Pick your favorite and support that person without thinking that means attacking the other ones.

We’re all on the same team and we’re debating who is the most valuable player. We don’t have to say bad things about the other players to build up our favorite.

Saying “I prefer Harris’ health plan to Booker’s” is not an attack, and you can then debate why. Saying “Booker is an idiot and his plan is the stupidest ever and I will never vote for him” doesn’t help at all.

This does not apply if one of these candidates turns out to be corrupt or does illegal things. Yeah, then they deserve to be attacked.

So let’s keep our debate civil and reasonable, and not do the Republican (and Russian) job for them.


My current favorite, but that doesn’t mean I dislike the others


My radical, socialist, 75-year old platform

It’s always amazing to me how my crazy, far-left socialist plans would fit perfectly into the 1944 Democratic platform.



Besides reiterating its support for “social security, including old age pensions, unemployment insurance, security for crippled and dependent children and the blind,” it called for (and these are exact quotes): “legislation assuring equal pay for equal work, regardless of sex” as well as “a Constitutional amendment on equal rights for women.” It emphasized “that racial and religious minorities have the right to live, develop and vote equally with all citizens and share the rights that are guaranteed by our Constitution” and stated that “Congress should exert its full constitutional powers to protect those rights.” It dedicated itself to full benefits for veterans, support for small businesses, and the tax structure under President Roosevelt of 94% for income over $200,000 (or slightly more than $2 million in today’s numbers). And then, of course, there was Roosevelt’s plan for a national health care policy…

The GOP has done such a great job of moving everyone to the right that when a Democrat suggests things that were mainstream 75 years ago, they seem radical.


Trump IS the wall

There’s a way to get things done in Washington. You pass a law, make sure there is money in the budget for it, and poof, it gets done.

At any time in the past two years, Trump could have gone to the House and Senate, both run by Republicans, and gotten his wall financed. He did not do so.

Once the Democrats took the House, he then demanded funding for it. The Democrats said no. “If you don’t give me what I want, I will shut down the government,” he threatened. The Democrats said no again. And he shut down the government.

The House and the Senate then passed a resolution to open it back up again. And Trump vetoed

The Democrats have tried a number of times to pass that exact same bill to reopen government, but now Mitch McConnell, knowing it would pass, has refused to allow it to reach the Senate floor.

“Give me my wall or I won’t reopen the government!” Trump whines like a baby.

“We don’t negotiate with terrorists,” the Democrats say. “You want a wall? Pass a law like it’s supposed to work in a democracy.”

So when the mindless Republicans try to spin this to say the Democrats are the ones refusing to compromise, just point out that this is not how democracy works. A dictator says “Give me what I want or I’ll hurt you,” not a President. Democracy requires you to gain the majority on your side to get a bill passed.

Not that Trump or any of his followers understand politics anyway.

You’re supposed to stand up to the bad guys

Now that more information has come out about the confrontation with those Catholic boys and the Native American, it seems clearer to me that it went somewhat like this:

“We’re a bunch of spoiled boys marching to fight against women’s rights! We’re wearing our MAGA hats to show everyone that we’re bigots!”

“I am a Native American veteran and I will stand up to you peacefully.”

“We will defuse the situation by mocking native people and screaming ‘build the wall’ while doing a Maori dance! There, we’re the good guys here!”

Nah, not buying it. The fact that the veteran walked up to people who should be confronted doesn’t make him the bad guy here. He did the right thing. We should all be confronting the haters.


cartoon by Clay Jones