A Matter of Priorities

When we need to go to war; when Wall Street needs a bailout; when billionaires want tax cuts that cost us trillions; when we’re buying planes and tanks the army doesn’t want or need — you never hear these people saying “But how will we pay for it? Think of the deficit!”

But whenever we want to spend money on health care or education or things that will literally improve people’s lives, suddenly it’s all “Not with MY tax dollars!”

We’re the richest country on the planet. We can afford it. Countries much poorer than us do it.

This is like having a family budget and saying “Sorry kids, we can’t afford to take you to the doctor or send you to school, because we gave all our money to our rich uncle and bought all these limousines.” It’s all a matter of priorities.

So here’s the prediction: Not once during Trump’s administration did we hear Republicans scream about the deficit, which has now grown almost to a trillion dollars. As soon as Biden takes office, that’s all the Republicans will talk about.