Don’t be a fool tomorrow

A clever April Fool’s joke is always welcome, especially when it’s just plain funny, like an Onion article, where you first go “This can’t be real!” and then you realize it isn’t. If you can pull off that kind of joke, more power to you.

However, too many people simply post a lie and then after everyone believes you, you say “April Fools!” It doesn’t take skill or talent to say “Oh no, I broke my leg! Ha ha, April Fools.”nobodys-fool

That’s not clever and distracts from people who really do have serious things happen to them tomorrow.  Posting that you had something terrible happen to you may simply remind people who have had that terrible thing happen to them about it, and what’s the fun in that? You’ve just made people sad instead of entertaining them.

For instance: The same year my wife and I got married, we made invitations exactly like the ones we sent out for our wedding, except these invited everyone to come to our divorce, to be held at the Suffolk County Courthouse, on April 1. It went over well, because people first thought it was an official invitation to some special event, then they went “Whaaaaa?” then they laughed.

Anyway, please be clever if you’re posting an April Fool’s joke. Thanks.

When April Fools was fun

I obviously enjoy a good April Fool’s joke.  For instance, my wife and I were married in August and we had some very nice invitations printed and sent to all our friends.  Seven months later, I sent every one of them another invitation, in the same type of style and envelope, that said “Michael A. Ventrella and Heidi Hooper invite you to join with them as they exchange divorce papers, April 1, at the Middlesex Courthouse, Boston, Massachusetts.  RSVP.”

"A jester unemployed is nobody's fool!"

“A jester unemployed is nobody’s fool!”

It’s a cute joke, no one was hurt, and no one took it seriously.

It’s why I enjoy the kind of jokes certain newspapers and web pages play on April 1st, like the one in England today discussing how they are moving Stonehenge like they do every six months because of Daylight Savings’ Time.

April Fools though has become a bit less fun because (a) we have lots of websites doing these sorts of things every day (Hello, Onion!);  and (b) everyone can post their crap on Facebook and usually it’s not very smart and often mean;  instead of being clever and humorous, it’s just a lie and then they yell “April Fools” as if it’s the funniest and wittiest thing ever.

I feel sorry for those people who really do lose loved ones today.

So no, you won’t see an April Fool’s joke from me unless I come up with something really clever.