Stop lying about the Treason Flag

“It’s heritage!” claim racists and people who don’t think. “This confederate flag — which wasn’t even the actual flag of the confederacy but was adopted as one by the Klan and other racists to symbolize their hatred — is just about our proud southern heritage!”

Sure, of course. That’s why you see so many people of color in the south flying it. Pride.

That’s why you see people who have never even been to the south flying it. It’s why you see northern Trump supporters putting it on their vehicles. It’s why a recent right-wing trucker protest in Canada had the Confederate flag flying. Canada! You know, that country that had absolutely nothing to do with the American Civil War.

Heritage. Sure. Of course.

Look, just come out of the closet already and admit you fly it because you’re a white supremacist. We all know it anyway.

This is a real picture from the recent Canadian protest. I am not making this up