Man who thrusts kids into public angry that kids pushed into public

Ted Cruz used his young daughters as political props in a campaign ad recently, as they read from a script and said exactly what he wanted them to say.

Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Ann Telnaes then portrayed him as a monkey grinder, having his pets perform for his benefit.telnaes gif

“Ourageous!” the Cruz people said.  “Kids are off limits!” The Washington Post backed down and pulled the cartoon from their web page and apologized.

Telnaes did not. Good for her.

Individuals deserve their privacy, even if they are married to politicians and especially if they are children. But if you thrust yourself into the spotlight, you cannot later complain about it.

If Ted Cruz is mad about his kids being lampooned, then the only person he has to blame is himself for allowing their privacy to be violated.

Telnaes’ fellow cartoonists have been largely supportive, with the best quote coming from Clay Jones: “The cartoonist didn’t expose them. Daddy did. Daddy is a hypocrite. Daddy is upset that someone exploited his children to make fun of him exploiting his children.”

Below are Jones’ and a few other cartoonists’ takes on it, in the best way they know how:

Clay Jones:

Clay Bennett:

Rob Rogers:

Darrin Bell:

A more imperfect union

You don’t have to search hard to find lots of quotes from conservative politicians about how important it is for government to not get involved with the business world.

You also don’t have to search hard to find quotes from these exact same conservative politicians ranting and raving about how government should get involved to tell unions they shouldn’t form.vw

Volkswagen opened a new plant in the south and thanks to lots of lobbying from these same hypocrites, the workers voted not to unionize even though Volkswagen wanted the union.  It may have been because Senator Corker said that if the union was passed, then VW would not open more factories in the south.  In other words, he said the exact opposite of the truth.  Let’s see, what do we call that again?  Oh yes.  A LIE.  (Republicans have that as their motto lately.)

Unions help keep the peace between workers and management and keep employees happier.  Volkswagen knows that happy employees are good and loyal employees.  Volkswagen wanted the union.  They made it perfectly clear.

“Ha ha!” these conservatives yell, not caring once again about facts.  “We showed them!  We support businesses!”

Except they don’t.  This didn’t help businesses at all, and Volkswagen has now announced that any new factories they build will not be in the south.

Yeah, good job shooting yourselves in the foot there, geniuses.