Shocker: No background checks = More gun deaths

In a finding that surprised absolutely no one with any common sense, Missouri’s homicide rate rose 23% since they got rid of background checks in order to purchase a gun.

This does not correlate with a similar rise nation-wide or with neighboring states.

It did, however, affect the neighboring states, as criminals went to Missouri to bring back guns and cause more crimes in the surrounding states.  TracethegunsMO (The little map to the side shows how many guns were used in crimes in other states that could be traced back to Missouri.)

You know, I could go into a big editorial here, but what’s the point?  You and I know that background checks are good;  this study from Johns Hopkins confirms it;  other studies have found the same thing;  and 92% of Americans and 85% of NRA members think it’s a good idea.

But the gun lobby (which owns the NRA) gets their way, and the paranoid gun fetishists among us scream loud enough to drown out the voices of reason.

So more criminals with guns = freedom.   Hey, just like in Syria!