Another non-Muslim attack

As I write this, there is a murdering gunman loose in my area.  He stalked a state trooper barracks and then killed one who was merely going to work, and critically injured another.  Schools have closed, and everyone is in a panic, worrying where he could show up next.

If I told you that it was a white guy who hates the government and loves his guns, you wouldn’t be at all surprised, would you?

Yet no one is saying we should round up all the white guys, close down their churches, and declare war on libertarian extremism. I mean, come on, it’s not like the guy is Muslim.

I refuse to put the killer's picture up.  This is Trooper Bryon Dickson.  (He looks familiar;  I'm trying to remember if I've had any cases with him.)

I refuse to put the killer’s picture up. This is Trooper Bryon Dickson. (He looks familiar; I’m trying to remember if I’ve had any cases with him.)

The fact is that we are much more likely to be a victim of crazy anti-government white guy attacks in this country than we are from any Muslim terrorist group.   It was only a year ago that another one of these extremists shot up a local government meeting just a few miles from my house, killing three.

And then there’s last June, with those Las Vegas killers who belonged to a white supremacist group.

And let’s not forget Timothy McVeigh.  And that guy who flew a plane into an IRS building.  Then there’s the guys who shoot abortion clinic doctors in the name of Jesus. But for restraint on the part of the US government, I’d probably be including Clive Bundy on this list as well …  Just a long list of angry white guys who hate the government and only know how to take action with violence against innocent people.

Terrorists, that’s what they are.

So the next time a friend talks about how we should be suspecting every single Muslim person in America, ask if we should be doing the same for every single white conservative, because you’re much more likely to be killed by one of them.