Harris and the “But she’s a cop” argument

As a lawyer who works with DAs and AGs every day, allow me to say: they’re not all bad. Some are even liberal Democrats who want to see justice done, help victims, and stand up to bad cops.

And not all cops are bad, either. I know, I work with them every day, too.

So I’m really sick of my fellow liberals saying “You can’t support Harris for VP — she’s a cop!”

To place them all in the “bad” category is like when we defense attorneys try running for office and people say “You can’t vote for them. They’re on the side of criminals!”

No, we’re on the side of justice, and that can be fought by both DAs and defense.

I personally want more Democrats to run for DA and AG. But when my fellow Democrats consider that a disqualifying factor, then I guess I won’t expect a lot of reform coming. (If you want to make change, you have to be in the room where it happens.)

So let’s see how terrible this cop was in California when she was a DA and later an AG.  Hmmm.  Well, she refused to enforce the state’s death penalty. She took felony marijuana arrests and reduced them to misdemeanors and refused to even prosecute the misdemeanor marijuana arrests. She set up a hate crimes unit to help LGBTQ victims and refused to defend California’s Proposition 8 that prohibited gay marriage. She stopped prosecuting young prostitutes, realizing that they were the victims, and worked to provide them with support to get out of their situation.

And when she ran for AG, the police union refused to support her.

So much for “but she’s a cop.”


#Not All Cops

I deal with the police every day. The vast majority of them are good people who are trying to do good things.

But it’s important for these good cops to speak out against the bad ones and not protect them, else they all get painted with the same brush.  Police-Officer

The same goes for lawyers, judges, preachers, Muslims, Christians, bikers, smokers, vegetarians, blacks, latinos, asians, men, women, dogs, cats, and every other group — remaining silent when members of your group do bad things only helps people to say, “They’re all alike.”

As my friend Carl Davies said, “When I was an investigative reporter I met many police officers who performed their jobs in an extremely professional manner. They knewhow to diffuse difficult and dangerous situations without having to summarily execute anyone. Many of them got though an entire year without even firing a gun. Officers who take seriously their obligation ‘to protect and serve’ are in the majority. We need to thank them for their service. And they need to speak out against the murderous minority of police thugs who are killing innocent civilians — mostly blacks — for no legitimate reason.”

In the two most recent cases, the problem was the DAs who refused to get an indictment — protecting your own only fosters distrust of the good cops.

One of the hardest things to do is to stand up to your friends and to risk the anger of your peers.  We need to encourage good people to do that, and realize that by remaining silent, they are also harming their own reputations.