Obama refuses to stereotype toys

Here’s another reason to like our President in general, even if you disagree with his policies.

The president was participating in the Marines’ “Toys for Tots” campaign and was donating gifts. When you donate, you place the boy toys in one bin and the girl toys in another. Mr. President was having none of that. He distributed the toys equally between the two boxes. He placed basketballs, sports toys and lego toys into the girl’s bin. “What, girls don’t like toys?” he responded when questioned.

Obama has raised two wonderful, educated, polite, and respectful girls with a wife he obviously loves. When Republicans criticize him for not supporting “family values” I just shake my head.

So Merry Christmas, boys and girls! May you play with whatever toy you want without someone telling you that the toy is a “girl’s toy” or a “boy’s toy.”