Thanking God for Surviving a Tragedy

Wolf Blitzer interviewed a survivor of the terrible Oklahoma tornado and asked her if she thanked God for surviving. “No,” she replied, “I’m actually an atheist…”

It always struck me as kind of insulting for people to claim that God saved them from a disaster. I mean, what does that say to those who did not? “Sorry, God obviously didn’t like your loved ones; he saved me, though.” Do the families who suffered need to hear that?

I know that’s not what people mean, but it’s kind of insensitive, isn’t it?

And, as this woman interviewed by Wolf Blitzer shows, it’s not even accurate. Apparently God saved the atheist before He saved some believers. (I should note that the woman said, immediately afterwards, “I don’t blame anybody for thanking the Lord.”)

If you ever survive some catastrophe while others die, please think twice before you say something that may comfort you while you are unknowingly insulting those who died.