Deadly skittles

The Trump campaign posted this ridiculous meme yesterday:


Ignoring the proofreading problems the Stupid Party has (Skittles is capitalized, comma after “you”, no capital “w” on “would”), and the layout problems (why doesn’t the right side margin line up?), let’s address instead the absurdity of this claim.

First of all, based actual odds of getting killed by terrorist refugee, you’d need 10.8 billion skittles to find three killers.

Then let’s consider what this is saying. Three of these skittles could be dangerous. So therefore, let’s let the hundreds of others die so we can be safe.  Yeah, that’s exactly the kind of heroism we of the United States are known for. It’s exactly what Superman, who stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way would say, right?  “Can’t save that trainload of people because there may be three of them who want to hurt me and the other people.”

This is something they never seem to mention. The Syrian refugees are refugees from terrorism. They need our help. Yes, some evil terrorist may sneak in at the same time, but if the terrorists really want to sneak in, they can do it anyway. The Trump campaign clearly believes in the “Bad Samaritan” policy.

If this were the 1930s, I suppose you could replace “Syrian refugee problem” with “Jews” and this would be a great ad for Germany.

The Trump campaign believes turning away refugees running from terrorists will “make America great again” because if there’s one thing we don’t need, it’s huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

Come on folks, Skittles won’t kill you.

Unless you meet George Zimmerman.

Comparing refugees and homeless veterans?

by Guest Blogger Dennis Higgins

All I have to say about the meme that “we shouldn’t help the refugees while there are still homeless veterans” bullshit:

1.) Apples and Oranges. As if they are going to defund the veteran homelessness initiatives to pay for the refugees. I mean, really, let’s use some critical thinking skills, people.homeless-veteran

2.) Thanks to the Obama Administration’s initiatives to end veteran homelessness, 27,000 veterans have found home. Some of them are my patients. Some of them are my classmates’ patients. These programs are real and they are working. The current estimates have a little under 50,000 homeless veterans on any given night in 2014. So, when Obama says his government has reduced veteran homelessness by 33%, the numbers back him up. I challenge you to find a modern president who can show that kind of success in reducing veteran homelessness.

3.) The party that forced Secretary McDonald to cut $1.4 Billion to the VA’s 2016 budget is the party that seems to want to perpetuate this idiotic meme and block refugees coming into the United States.

So, basically, if you perpetuate this homeless vets and refugees meme, you are perpetuating bullshit and just need to stop. You can hate on refugees for whatever reason. It’s your right as an American. BUT DO NOT COMPARE IT TO VETERAN HOMELESSNESS because you are wrong. Pure and simple.


Dennis Higgins is a veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan who is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Clinical Psychology.