If not Hillary, then who? (a poll — give your opinion)

It’s being reported today that Hillary Clinton may announce her candidacy earlier than expected.  Or maybe not.  No one seems sure.

I’m hoping she decides not to run so that some other rising star in the party could step in.  While Hillary would certainly be the front-runner (especially against the current Republican field), she has a lot of baggage.  She’s said some pretty stupid things over the years, and despite the crazy conspiracy theories there are indeed legitimate concerns over some of her actions.<> on February 25, 2014 in Washington, DC.

Hillary also makes it very difficult for Democrats to attack Jeb Bush as being just another one of those insider families that run the country.  We won’t be able to attack political dynasties.

I’m sure she’s considering all this.  If she runs, she could lose.  She could even lose the Democratic primaries again.  Instead, if she doesn’t run, she can be a deal-breaker behind the scenes and be remembered in history as a good Secretary of State.  And she can avoid the huge attack machine the Republicans have ready for her.

But also, I don’t want her.  I think she’s a political animal who doesn’t really stand for that much.  Mind you, I’ll vote for her over any Republican, but I won’t be excited about it.  It will be like when I voted for Mondale and Dukakis (or for that matter, Bill Clinton).  Meh.  Better than the alternative.

The American people like being entranced by someone new.  It certainly worked to Obama’s advantage when he ran against her eight years ago.  He did not have a long record, and that allowed people to project what they want onto him while also making it harder for anyone to attack him on previous positions.

So who would I like? Ah well, if I’m dreaming, I’d chose Elizabeth Warren.  She’s still tie into the “let’s elect the first woman President” vote that Hillary appeals to, but dammit, she’s like the Teddy Roosevelt of our age.  We need someone like her.  (I like Bernie Sanders too for many of those same reasons but I don’t want him to get the nomination because I think he’d lose the general election.)  And there are some other good possibilities, too:  Jim Webb.  Howard Dean.  Tim Kaine. Amy Klobuchar.

Vote for your choice, and give an opinion in the comments!