My 30-year marriage is illegitimate

My wife and I have been happily married for more than thirty years now. We’ve helped each other out through thick and thin, including years of cancer treatments and a current handicap because of it. We’ve never needed counseling, never cheated, and never separated. I’d like to think we are an example of what all good, loving marriages should be.

So imagine my surprise when I discover that, according to Catholic League president Bill Donohue, our marriage is a sham because we have no children. “The whole purpose of marriage is to have a family,” he said, while arguing against gay marriage. “It’s not about making people happy. It’s not about love.”

This would apparently include those who get married later in life, past child-bearing age — so for all of you seniors who are reading this: Forget about marriage. Love, according to the Catholic League, has nothing to do with it. You are doomed to live the rest of your life sad and alone if you wish to be a good Catholic, apparently.

From what I can see, plenty of kids are being born now without parents being married at all. Somehow, that happens. Apparently, being married doesn’t seem to have anything to do with that.

I do admit that I am confused by those who stand Grinch-like above it all, sneering down haughtily while trying to prevent others from having joy. Why does it hurt these Grinches in the slightest? What, does someone else’s happiness cause you pain? Shouldn’t we be encouraging happy couples in stable relationships?

But what do I know? My marriage is apparently a scam.

Gay Bigotry is Dying, So Why Are the Bigots Still Winning?

The latest polls show that gay marriage is now supported by a majority of Americans with the exception of evangelical Christians, the backbone of the Republican party.

And that’s why only nine states have allowed gay marriage (or as they like to call it, “marriage”).gay+marriage+generic081612

Once more, the people lead the politicians, who are afraid of doing anything that may alienate the loudest voters. The solution, clearly, is for us to be louder.

Posting on blogs and Facebook is good for getting the message out, but like all political action, you have to do more. You’ll be surprised how much politicians pay attention to emails and letters they get. Encourage them to sponsor a bill, and let them know how much you’ll work for and contribute to their future campaigns.

Hell, just get out and vote. For every election, including primaries. We outnumber them. We have the power. But if they vote and we don’t, they win.

That’s what the bigots do. They participate. That’s how they defeated propositions in California and other states that would have banned this discrimination.

So spread the word, let everyone know we won’t stand for discrimination, and then do something about it.