With the vast majority of the public supporting background checks, enough cowardly Senators voted against them.

Within a few weeks, these Senators have plummeted in the polls.

I am shocked and surprised. Shocked that enough people are paying attention enough to give their disapproval, and surprised that it was so strong.

Seriously — Senator Flake from Arizona dropped 19 points. Portman from Ohio dropped 18. Ayotte from New Hampshire dropped 15.

Maybe this will be what it takes for these spineless politicians to realize that the leaders of the NRA do not represent anyone except the gun manufacturers.

EDIT, two days later: Republican Senator Toomey, from my home state of Pennsylvania, was one of the few Republicans who voted for background checks. His poll numbers have risen. Just in case anyone thought these numbers were not related to the gun vote.

6 thoughts on “Consequences

  1. The Senate didn’t vote against background checks, y’know. If they had, the majority would have been enough to pass them.

    The failed to vote for cloture. Republicans weren’t even properly filibustering; they just made a parliamentary move that Harry Reid refused to disqualify the last time the Senate rules came up for editing.

    The NRA-bought Senators gamed the system.


  2. They are not spineless politicians – at least not in this case. They voted for the Constitution and its Bill of Rights. The voted for freedom.

    I bet that you wouldn’t say the same thing if the majority of Americans decided that the First Amendment was dangerous and they wanted to pass laws in violation of it or repeal it. I bet then you would be preaching all about civil rights and such, but with the Second Amendment you are a hypocrite.

    These senators did the right thing.

    How can you be such a hypocrite about the Bill of Rights, Mike?

    The good news is that I feel fully confident that should the Legislature ever actually pass such unconstitutional bull, many millions of Americans will just start buying their weapons on the black market entirely (or manufacturing their own from simple plans on the Internet using reasonably accessible modern technology) to avoid all background checks And unconstitutional breeches of privacy.

    I’m glad that this didn’t pass, but frankly, you can pass all the laws that you want, and we will not comply with them in this circumstance. The good, heavily armed, people of America, will resist.

    “Come and get them.”
    “Death to Tyrants.”

    Say what you will, but my views represent those of millions and millions of gun owners, and we will not comply. Either way, it doesn’t matter right now, because the right thing happened and the expanded background checks didn’t pass.

    This is America, but apparently you people wish we lived communist Russia or something. I just don’t understand why you hate freedom, Mike? Why are you so quick to give up your rights and everyone else’s, just so you can feel better something with which you are clearly ignorant.

    Your opinions on gun-control make no sense, and make even less sense seeing how you are such a supporter of the First Amendment. I guess your idea of freedom is picking and choosing which freedoms are appropriate.

    I am for freedom. Feedom in its purest sense. I am willing to fight and die to protect that freedom at all costs. Are you? If not, get back on the porch with the little dogs.


    • Well, at the risk of repeating myself, I don’t see that keeping criminals and the insane from purchasing guns is a violation of any freedom. No one is talking about repealing or even ignoring the 2nd amendment, which is why when people like you react like this, the rest of us just scratch our heads.

      “Maybe people shouldn’t commit slander and libel.”

      “OH MY GOD! Why do you want to repeal freedom of speech? You must hate America and all its freedoms!”

      “No, I just think reasonable restrictions are …”

      “Death to tyrants! It’s time we had a revolution to protect freedom!”

      “I believe in freedom, and…”

      “No government interference with my right to say whatever I want whenever I want no matter the consequences!!!!”

      Well, you get the point. Your overreaction to simple reasonable limitations just baffles 90% of the population, and your insistence that 90% of the public is just too dumb to understand that they are heading toward tyranny does nothing to convince anyone of your reasonableness.


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