Why does the mainstream media avoid Obama scandals?

This is a common question those on the right ask. Why doesn’t the mainstream media cover Obama scandals?

Well, the answer is simple: They do. As we can see from the IRS scandal and the Associated Press scandal, both of which were the main stories on the nightly news and front pages, the media loves scandal (Just ask Anthony Weiner). Scandals get ratings and sell papers. It has nothing to do with ideology.Obama-shrug

But they love real scandals, not made-up ones.

Right wing blogs, following Fox News’ lead, cry about made-up scandals all the time. Benghazi, birth certificates, umbrellas, or whatever silly thing they are obsessing over never make the “mainstream media” not because the other news sources are in Obama’s pocket, but because there is no news there. They’re fantasy scandals, and honest and legitimate news sources know that.

Much of the “mainstream media” is actually quite conservative. Many newspapers endorsed Romney and write editorials critical of Obama. But even they aren’t covering these “scandals” because they (unlike Fox) have journalistic integrity.

But the people who believe these things tend to be more paranoid than the average American. Many of these people also believe the government is out to install a dictatorship and take all our guns and install Sharia Law — and that the Illuminati or something controls the White House with help from the aliens in Area 51 and what-have-you.

So the inability of these people to understand that there is no vast liberal media conspiracy kind of makes sense, because they tend to believe in other things that don’t exist — like the Benghazi scandal.

3 thoughts on “Why does the mainstream media avoid Obama scandals?

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