Rush Limbaugh’s history lesson

Rush Limbaugh gave his listeners a history lesson the other day. He said that “caucasians aren’t responsible for slavery” because, after all, caucasians fought a civil war in order to end slavery!

Apparently, these caucasians were fighting against robots or something, because otherwise it would …

Ah, the heck with it. Trying to point out how stupid Rush Limbaugh is? Just too easy. Instead, listen to Moxy Fruvous’ hilarious song about him. Lyrics below; song begins around 2:45 (this was the only version I could find on the net).



Coming from Canada, we love those leaders who personify the US way to be
There was JFK, and LBJ, and WKRP

But of these there is not one to rival
The greatest genius of them all
He’s a megalo, with a healthy glow
He’s the man called Rush Limbaugh

He’s a dose of PT Barnum
With a Mussolini twist (El duce!)
There in the limosine, parked on the lawn
He’s a goofy Ghengis Kahn

Not since Jesus Christ has the world seen someone with such widely syndicated views
Hundreds of years from now they’ll celebrate Rushmas
And Rush Hoshana for the Jews

Cause he’ll pull the plug on Feminazis
Paranoid minorities and gays
He’s a burning bush with a network push
Sure to start a countrywide blaze

He taught me to love and praise Charlton Heston
Oliver North is quite a nice man too
Forget Al and Tipper
Let’s bring back the Gipper
And Joe McCarthy too

I was a troubled soul
Consumed by voices advocating special interest groups and vice.
‘Til Rush rushed to my sweet rescue
Now I’ll never ever have to think twice

So we’ll sign a check for Limbaughism
Restore the moral fundamental core
We’ll cut the debt
And start a tet offensive on the poor

It’s a blitzkreig in the making (EVERYBODY!)
It’s distinctly upper class (Well, not everybody)
Yes sir, I’ll get the door
Roll the carpet on the floor
For a man
(for a man)
For a man
(Such a man)
For a man with his head up his …


Ask us the name of the king
It’s RUSH!

2 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh’s history lesson

  1. You can make an argument that there was slavery in some form practiced by almost every ethnic type on the planet. So in a sense, Caucasians aren’t responsible for the concept of slavery itself.

    But “We fought a war to stop this bad thing! No guilt for us!” is a steaming pile of horsecrap. Considering it took A WAR FOR US TO FIGURE OUT THAT ENSLAVING OTHERS WAS A BAD THING?!?

    Yeah, we’ve still got some guilt to go.


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