The War on Water

You can’t make this stuff up. What used to be the domain of the Onion is now mainstream news.

Comedians and pundits have constantly said that if Obama supported something, the Republicans would oppose it just because it’s Obama. We’ve seen evidence of it plenty of times — the Republican health care plan was great until Obama endorsed it, and now it’s “Obamacare” and terribly evil. Republicans hate Russia and Putin, except Putin is against Obama so Putin’s a great guy now. Raising the debt ceiling was perfectly fine the many times George W. Bush did it, but when Obama wants it? And don’t get me started on who wants to go to war.

“If Obama came out in favor of drinking water, the Republicans would come out against it!” people joked.

Well, guess what.

Michelle Obama told kids it was important to hydrate and drink plenty of water. You know, the same thing doctors have been saying for years. Pretty non-controversial, one would think.

But no. The conservative crazies’ heads exploded. Rush Limbaugh railed against Big Government telling us we should drink water. Conservative newspapers and bloggers said that her suggestion that water was good for you was “faulty science.” And other critics tried their best to spin her view into something evil and corrupt that they could rail against.

Next up: Obama says oxygen is nice. Conservatives, in protest, stop breathing.

Michelle Obama and her big jugs

Michelle Obama and her big jugs

5 thoughts on “The War on Water

  1. I want the Obamas to forcefully come out against sticking a gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger, drinking poison, and setting one’s self on fire. If they work this hard enough we could cut the Republican voting population in half by November 2014.


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