GOP betting the House

The GOP only won the House of Representatives in 2012 because of gerrymandering — more people voted for Democrats overall but because of the way districts are drawn, the majority didn’t win.

Thanks to the Shutdown, which most Americans correctly attribute to Republicans, there are enough Republicans in jeopardy of losing their seats that we could see Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2016.

Of course, this poll is of the “If the election were held today, who would you vote for” variety, placing the incumbent against a nameless opponent. These are tremendously unreliable because (a) anything can happen within a year; and (b) people compare their current representative with an ideal opponent of the other party, and that’s usually not what happens.

Still, this poll is important because it emphasizes what many of us have been saying: This shutdown is hurting Republicans. They are so much in a bubble that they do not see this, but the numbers don’t lie.

2 thoughts on “GOP betting the House

  1. In a year they figure they will distract people with some distraction like fake patriotism (note their obsession with military monuments and not so much the veterans themselves) or abortion and contraception again, or their latest boogyman granting health care access to people too poor to ever afford it on their own or one of the other shiny objects they like to dangle in front of their base to keep them working against their own interests.


  2. Or perhaps, they feel entirely safe in their elected posts, due to the belief that their continued use of gerrymandering will continue their political careers regardless of whatever they do.

    That’s the horrible thought that sort of concerns me. I don’t remember exactly where on the internet I read it, but somewhere recently, I saw a republican as being quoted as saying that they would be in control of the house & senate until 2020.

    Which initially sounded entirely like one heck of a boast to me, considering all of the recent hullabaloo. But then I thought, unless of course, you assume some sort behind the scenes shenanigans are going on. (Yes, gerrymandering seems to be occurring and causing these kinds of problems.) So now I’m wondering – just how far off the rails has our voting issues become? And here I thought it was bad enough that we have rampant Corporatism going on thanks to Citizens United.


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