Anti-science hypocrites

“Conservatives hate science!  Look at how they deny evolution and climate change!”

Well, while that is true, you can’t smugly say that while consulting your astrology charts and using your crystals for positive energy.  You can’t say that we should listen to the scientists when they talk about global warming and we should ignore them when they talk about vaccines.  science

Mind you, there is a big difference — liberals who believe in superstition and non-science aren’t trying to force their views on everybody else, like the fundamentalists who want to ban Darwin from the classroom.  But still, I don’t see how you can criticize them for ignoring science if you are doing the same, even in smaller amounts.

Science is not good or bad — it just is.  Conservatives deny science when it contradicts their religious or economic views, but otherwise have no problem with it.  (They’ll scream that evolution is just a “theory” yet never complain about the “theory” of gravity, for instance).  Liberals tend to use generalizations too often with science, by claiming that all genetically-modified foods are bad or that nuclear power is evil without acknowledging that there are huge gray areas.   (And of course, both sides have their share of believers in psuedo-science like fortune-telling, faith healing, ghosts, and scientology.)

So look at your beliefs and make sure you aren’t being hypocritical for pointing a finger at non-believers in science if you too are picking and choosing which science to believe.

4 thoughts on “Anti-science hypocrites

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