Treason is only patriotic when the right does it

Hey, remember when a majority of Americans voted against George W. Bush yet he became President by, let’s say, “less than ideally democratic” means?  Were there any mainstream liberals calling for an overthrow of the government?  I can’t recall any, and a search finds none.

Yet we are constantly hearing such talk from the right concerning Obama — who won twice by huge margins.  These sore losers are not just some crazed radicals (both parties have those) — these are people who get coverage on legitimate talk shows and on legitimate (albeit right-wing) blogs.

The gun lovers are mostly the ones who make these arguments, as if treason were patriotic, but other un-American right-wingers apparently think not getting their way because they are in the minority is the exact same thing as tyranny.  It must be hard to live in a world when you are this delusional, but there you go.  (Here’s where all the people advocating the overthrow of our democratically elected government get mad that I called them “un-American.”  There’s that delusion I spoke of;  how else can you classify someone who is so against democracy?)

Of course, none of this is too surprising, as some conservatives are still upset about the Civil War and make excuses for the slave-owning Southerners who committed treason.

10 thoughts on “Treason is only patriotic when the right does it

  1. No, left-wing whiners generally stamp their feet and threaten to leave the country. It’s an important distinction between left-wing whiners and right-wing whiners; you’re correct that right-wing whiners are generally the ones calling for violent overthrow.

    Fortunately, what left-wing whiners and right-wing whiners tend to have in common is that neither actually follow thru.


  2. Everyone who signed the Declaration of Independence was a traitor to the government that then claimed the right to tell them what to do. Was it Ben Franklin, or someone else, who said “Surely we shall all hang together, or we shall hang separately”?

    The bottom line is that “treason” and “patriotism” are words that have to be taken in context. The Founders tried to initiate a country where the government had little power to tell most people what they had to do in most affairs of their life. Now that government over time has morphed into one that is far more intrusive in many ways than the one the Founders revolted against.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.” –Thomas Jefferson



      • “It is in no way comparable to fighting against a democratically elected government.”

        You mean where the people democratically elect a Congress, then Congress passes a law, and the President then take it upon himself to simply amend and change the law to suit the political needs of the Demoncratic Party? That would of course be “Obamacare.”

        Clearly the President is acting more and more out of the bounds of his Constitutionally delegated authority.



    • “Totally comparable to what is happening in North Korea.”

      Classic “straw man ” argument. When you get the point of N. Korea it is way, way too late to think of resisting. Here is an interesting extract from a Fox News article. The problem is not just Obama (he appears to be a lazy figurehead who can read his lines off a teleprompter very well):

      — begin quote —

      America has too many laws, and the laws we do have are tedious, overly complex and sometimes not only impossible to understand, but impossible to comply with. Our elected officials pass laws in fits of whimsy, responding to the latest scare headlines, demands from interest groups or data from polling firms. Reason, freedom or constitutional authority rarely enter into the debate.

      The federal tax code (search) today covers 17,000 pages and requires over 700 different forms. The IRS estimates Americans spend 5.1 billion hours annually merely preparing their taxes. The Tax Foundation estimates that those wasted hours drain some $194 billion annually from the U.S. economy. All of that comes before Joe Taxpayer forks over his first dime.

      The federal criminal code is just as bad. Thomas Jefferson wrote that the U.S. Constitution gave Congress the power to criminally punish “treason, counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States, piracies, and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the law of nations, and no other crimes whatsoever.” Yet the federal criminal code today spans some 1,400 pages, and that’s just the “pocket edition.”

      The Federal Registry (search), which records all of the regulations the federal government imposes on businesses (all of which carry the force of law), now exceeds 75,000 pages. The Office of Management and Budget estimates that merely complying with these regulations — that is, paying lawyers to keep educated on them, interpret them and implement them — costs U.S. business another $500 to $600 billion per year.

      — end quote —

      So yes, this is tyranny when your life is so controlled by so many regulations and then couple that with an NSA and technology that is expanding to monitor every thing you do.

      Have you ever read “This Perfect Day” by Ira Levin? Ought to if you haven’t.




  3. I remember back when Bush was in office, the Dixie Chicks were labeled as traitors for speaking out against him. Heck, I don’t remember anyone calling for a revolt against the government. I know I certainly didn’t, I just spoke out about what I didn’t like about his actions.

    But strangely enough, Now a days I’m hearing right wing people calling for Revolution/Revolt quite often in the context of Obama.

    And once in a great while, I’ve seen some disenfranchised people talking about similar things while claiming Corporations/the rich/the corrupt are running the government instead of “the people”.

    Perhaps, the real problem here is that there’s just too many extreme individuals being given air time with the whole purpose of simply causing ‘churn’ to get higher ratings by for the profit media outlets who don’t care what kind of negative/divisive effect they are having on the overall discourse.


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