Surprised about Iraq?

“Iraq wasn’t a threat to the US when we invaded it in 2003, but thousands of lives and billions of dollars later, it finally is.” – Andy Borowitz

All experts told us that Sadaam Hussein had kept the three religious factions of Iraq from a civil war through his strong-arm tactics.  Even before George W. Bush lied to us about Sadaam, leading to thousands of American deaths and being considered as a war criminal by anyone who understands the term, we knew this to be true. BushMissionAccomplished I recall that after Sadaam fell, there were experts saying the best thing we could do would be to split the country into three parts or else there would be a civil war.  Bush refused, and more Americans died.  

Obama kept his promise to get out of there (a decision that was supported by the vast majority of Americans), and the civil war that everyone predicted has now happened.  (Seriously, did anyone with a brain think that democracy would suddenly flower?)

So now the Republicans are blaming Obama.  Apparently they would prefer that we stayed there and kept getting Americans killed to postpone the inevitable.  Not one is blaming Bush for his illegal war, his “Mission Accomplished” claim, and his pure ineptitude for getting us into an unnecessary and pointless war.




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