We can afford the wars, just not the veterans

Senator Jeff Sessions has never met a war he didn’t like.  Iraq?  Afghanistan?  No problem!  Don’t worry about how we’ll pay for it.

But the veterans who served in those wars?  Taking care of them, as we promised? Well, that’s an “entitlement” that we should not be spending money on.Sotomayor

And you know, ultimately spending up to $6 trillion dollars is a bit much, especially with our deficit.  I can see why he was against such a huge amount.  Oh, wait.  My bad.  $6 trillion is the estimated total cost of the Iraq war.  How silly of me.  That’s different.  Sessions had no problem voting for that.

Republicans who claim to be “fiscally conservative” rarely are — they are against tax rates that would balance the budget because it would hurt huge corporations and their rich friends and the only thing they ever want to cut are government services to people.  It’s rare to find one who would cut a military plane or tank we don’t need.

And the ones who claim to “support our troops” often only do so until they enlist. After that, they won’t spend money so our troops can have the armor or medical benefits they need.  (It’s kind of like how they are “pro-life” at least until the baby is born, at which time, you’re on your own.)

4 thoughts on “We can afford the wars, just not the veterans

  1. Personally, I think war’s are always too expensive to get involved in lightly – specifically in human capital. And I definitely think that our congresspeople shouldn’t even vote for going to war if they have no intention of taking care of the veterans who have served in those wars!


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