Obama worst President since WW2?

Conservatives are jumping with joy over a recent poll wherein people said Obama was the “worst President since WW II.”

Let’s put this into perspective:

1.  Whoever is President at the time wins this.  When this poll was done in 2006.  George W. Bush won it.  It’s kind of expected and comes with the territory; the current President is always the worst, and then the longer they are away from office, the better they get.  We Americans have short memories.  worst

2.  33% said Obama was the worst, which is certainly not a majority.  George W. Bush was second, followed by Nixon.  (If the question had been “Worst President since the 70s, GWB would have won readily…)

3.  Many of the respondents who took the poll were not even alive when some of these guys were President.  Nixon?  That’s ancient history to them.

4.  Obama was rated 4th best President in the exact same poll, after Reagan, Clinton and Kennedy.  (Hey, remember when this poll was done in the 90s and Clinton was the worst President ever?)  So Obama is not only the worst President since FDR, but he’s also better than eight others.  Go figure.

5.  64% of Republicans named Obama in this poll.  Democrats and independents were more varied, and their numbers were not even half of the Republican number combined for Obama.  The Republican hatred of Obama skewed the poll.

6.  The respondents are not a true random sampling.  It has more people from the South than any other region (and not proportionate to the population), and more white respondents than are represented in America overall.

7.  According to Gallup (a more reliable pollster), Obama is doing better than George W. Bush was at this same point in his Presidency.  And Obama is doing way better in the polls than Congress, and better than most of the possible 2016 Republican  candidates.  No one likes any politician right now.

Now, does that mean Obama is sitting pretty?  No, of course not.  His poll numbers are not good.  But worst since WWII?


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