Colorado joins the 21st Century

District Judge C. Scott Crabtree ruled yesterday in Colorado that the arguments for keeping the ban against same-sex marriage (that marriage is about the “protection of families” and “procreation of children”) are “recently fabricated” arguments for the purpose of denying that discrimination is occurring.  gay-marriage-generic-jpeg

“It is merely a pretext for discriminating against same-sex marriages,” he wrote.

And that’s what we’ve been saying for years.  If marriage was just for having children, then why do we allow elderly couples and infertile couples to get married?  Would my wife and I, childless by choice, be forced to give up our 31-year marriage?

It’s so nice to be able to post these things every few weeks, and so reassuring to see even conservative Republican judges shaking their heads and saying, “Yeah, that’s ridiculous.”

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