What the hell happened to us?

Children are running away from war.  Children.  They are coming to us, seeking comfort and help.

And Americans are yelling insults at them and demanding that they be turned away.  Protesters_force_buses_carrying_undocume_1758150000_6619946_ver1.0_640_480

It’s more of the Know Nothings who hate all immigrants (especially non-white ones).  I just stare when I see the anger in their faces as they scream at the scared children.  What is wrong with us that we are turning away children who need help?  What does that say about our humanity?

Many (if not most) of these protesters down in Texas will go home tired after screaming at these kids and then spend their Sundays at Church, ignoring every single thing the preacher tells them Jesus said.

“If we can afford two goddamn wars, a trillion dollar tax giveaway to the 1%, and more money spent investigating Benghazi than the failure of the VA — then we sure as hell can afford to take care of a few buses of refugee children. ” – David Gerrold

2 thoughts on “What the hell happened to us?

  1. Their “spin” is different — that a lot of the “children” are late teens, already from gangs, probably criminals, and anyway they’re meant as “anchors” to allow the parents to immigrate!

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