Santos in drag

“How can you support these drag queens teaching our children books while criticizing George Santos for dressing in drag?” ask clueless conservatives.

The issue isn’t George Santos dressing in drag. The issue is the Republican party screaming about something while secretly participating in that same exact thing.

I mean, how many have claimed to be in favor of “family values” while cheating on their wives? How many preach against gay rights while being in the closet themselves? How many talk about how terrible voter fraud is while they themselves are doing it?

It’s the hypocrisy that allows us to criticize Santos.

We’re not criticizing him for dressing in drag.

We’re not the hypocrites.

Why it’s so easy to be a Republican

Seriously. Being a Democrat is hard. We have to stand for things and mean it, and our voters hold us to what we say.

How much easier it is to be a Republican. Just think about it. You don’t have to stand for anything.

You can say you’re against huge deficits, and then once elected, create deficits higher than any Democrat.

You can scream that “Blue Lives Matter” but look the other way as your own supporters brutally attack cops.

You can claim to love America while waving a Confederate flag.

You can talk about how a Democratic president shouldn’t be allowed to name a Supreme Court justice in an election year and then rush your own nominee through while voting has already begun.

You can be completely in favor of mail-in voting until you realize more Democrats use it than Republicans, and then you can be completely against it.

You can talk about how important the filibuster rule is and then you can ignore it when you’re in charge and want something passed.

You can claim to be the party of “family values” while supporting politicians who cheat on their wives and pay porn stars for sex.

You can support an employment-based health care program until a Democrat proposes it, and then you can be completely against it.

You can refuse to support a bill setting up a bipartisan committee to investigate the January 6th insurrection and then when Democrats do it anyway without you, you can criticize them for not being bipartisan.

You can talk about how you need to get government off the backs of Americans while at the same time telling people who they can and can’t marry and what they can do with their own bodies.

There are many more examples, of course. These are just off the top of my head. (Feel free to add your own in the comments.)

Life would be so much easier if I were a Republican. I’d never have to worry about anything I said, because I could do the exact opposite the next minute and other Republicans would have no problem with me doing that.

They have it so easy!

The celebrity double standard

Many conservatives are in mock outrage over Robert DeNiro saying “Fuck Trump” at the Tony Awards the other night (which, of course, is what you’re supposed to say to people who want to be dictators). Many of these are the same people who happily welcomed people to their convention wearing “Hillary is a cunt” T-shirts.

“Celebrities shouldn’t talk about politics!” they say unironically as they support a reality TV star who invites Kid Rock and Kim Kardashian into the Oval office where a picture of movie star Ronald Reagan hangs, as Ted Nugent and Charlton Heston host Republican rallies attended by Meat Loaf, Mel Gibson, and Rosanne Barr. “They should just keep quiet!”

DeNiro, of course, is a native New Yorker and New Yorkers know Trump best, which is why he won a grand total of 18% of the vote there.  When asked about his profane comments about Trump, DeNiro responded:  “You talkin’ to me?” 636642680125721262-USP-ENTERTAINMENT-72ND-TONY-AWARDS-100536623


More Republican hypocrisy

According to a new survey, Democrats did not support airstrikes in Syria when Obama was President or when Trump was President, by almost the exact same percentage. Republicans, on the other hand, were hugely against them when Obama was President and hugely in favor of them when Trump was President.


Is there any other conclusion to draw other than Democrats actually stand for something and Republicans are flaming hypocrites?

And there  are plenty other examples. When they block a Supreme Court nominee, it’s fine — when we try, we’re subverting the Constitution; They like “Romneycare” when they propose it — they hate it when we propose it; When Obama takes golf vacations it’s terrible — when Trump takes them it’s no big deal; When Hillary uses a private server, they shout “lock her up” — when Trump does, it hardly makes the news….

I could go on and on.


It’s only wrong if YOU do it

Republicans are suing Obama because he is doing his job, and everything else they have tried in order to stop him from doing his job hasn’t worked.

“He’s using Executive Orders to accomplish things!” they scream, as if no other President has ever done that before.  They are once again ignoring reality, in that Obama’s use of Executive Orders is far less than any President since Grover Cleveland.

Executive Orders_chart

If only Romney had been elected, they say, we wouldn’t have to do this!  You all remember Mitt Romney — the man who promised that on day one of his Presidency, he would use an Executive Order to cancel Obamacare (a/k/a “Romneycare”) despite it having been passed by the House and Senate and confirmed by the Supreme Court.

Do I need to point out that absolutely none of Obama’s Executive Orders have cancelled or overturned laws that were passed?  Talk about a tyranny!  Can you imagine a President saying “I don’t care that a majority of Americans through their representatives have passed this bill;  I have the power of a King to cancel anything I damn well please.”  That was Romney’s promise in a nutshell, wasn’t it?

The difference, of course, is that the Republicans’ outrage against these things is only limited to when the President is a Democrat.  Republican presidents can do whatever they want.

Treason is not patriotic

Why does anyone take these traitors seriously?

It’s bad enough when they literally talk about secession when they don’t get their way.    And when they encourage gun owners to break the law if they don’t like it.  Or support right-wing zealots who talk about killing the President as if that were a patriotic thing to do. And then they support a rich rancher who gives the law a middle finger and literally says he does not acknowledge the existence of the United States.  ranchero Quite often, many of these people fly the flag of the traitors who declared war against our country so they could keep humans in slavery, and they’re proud of that fact.   

And then they proclaim, with a straight face, that they love America and are patriots.

Well, no.  No, they don’t and no they aren’t.  People who love America do not declare treason against it.

Don’t get me wrong — this isn’t just about free speech.  They have every right to protest and speak out against government policies they don’t like.  And hey, there’s even a place for peaceful protests and civil disobedience.

This is none of those things.

We need to speak up and tell these people that they do not represent the views of honest, patriotic Americans.  And we need to call out these hypocrites who yelled “traitor” whenever anyone ever said anything bad about George W. Bush.  (Ann Coulter even wrote a book on that topic, yet she remains completely silent about real actual examples done by people she happens to agree with.)

You know this is true:  If people on the left were doing the things mentioned above, the right would be the first to call them traitors.

And this time, they’d be right.