The “Congressional Reform Act”

I’m still seeing this ridiculous meme popping up, talking about the non-existent “Congressional Reform Act.” congressWhile I understand and share in the dislike of Congress right now and believe that major reforms are needed concerning campaign finance laws and lobbying, nothing in this thing addresses that.  Most of this meme doesn’t even make sense.

And no, it isn’t being sponsored by Warren Buffet or anyone else, and isn’t a proposed “28th Amendment.”

Let’s go over these proposals one at a time.

1.  “No Tenure”?  Well, yeah, of course.  No one in congress has “tenure.”  They can be voted out each election cycle.  “No pension”?  Why not?  Why shouldn’t they get a pension like any other job?  That’s just petty.

2.  This is just a restatement of “no pension,” isn’t it?  Not sure why pensions are so important to the anonymous person who came up with this thing.

3.  This is just a fact.  This is what the current law is. This is not a change at all. Congress does indeed participate in Social Security. Apparently the person writing this didn’t do the slightest bit of research.

4.  Pensions again, along with the Social Security thing.  Not sure how many times he needs to make the same points.  So far, after four bullet points, the only one that is something new is “Let’s not give them a pension.”

5.  Oh, look, the pension thing again. Whoever posted this really doesn’t like people getting pensions. Apparently, this person objects to a retirement plan the way every other person gets one, through both personal contributions and employer contributions. Personally, I think I’d rather have ex-congress members get a pension than work as a lobbyist when they retire.

6.  Hey, now, that’s a great idea! And not about pensions! Too bad it’s already in the Constitution as the 27th Amendment.

7.  Congress’ current health care system is the Federal one.  It’s the same one every federal employee gets. The janitor who cleans the Congress member’s office gets the same basic plan. Congress does not get a “special” plan (although, admittedly, since they are rich, they can afford to upgrade the plan to the best possible, but so can any other federal employee). There was a proposal for we, the people, to join in this great plan (it was called “the Public Option”) but it was defeated by insurance companies and Tea Party idiots who had no idea what it meant, apparently, since they are often the same ones posting this meme all over the internet.

8.  Congress does have to abide by all laws they impose on us, as Congress members who ended up with criminal records can tell you. There is an exception that allows for Congressional immunity for things they say, but that makes absolute sense and is in the Constitution. You’d need an Amendment to get rid of that, and that hasn’t ever been an issue or a problem. So here’s another one that is unneeded because it’s already in the law.

9.  I have no idea what this means. What contracts? Does this mean if a Congressman contracts with someone to build a house, the contract is not valid? Seriously, I don’t know what this means but it certainly seems to violate the Constitution’s contract clause.

So when we get rid of the things that are already part of our laws and are redundant, we’re basically left with “Let’s not give these guys pensions.”

The moral:  Maybe you should know something about what you’re proposing before you go proposing it.

One thought on “The “Congressional Reform Act”

  1. Way too complicated, even if #8 was ….. I don’t know where that comes from, everything else is just lack of googling their pay and benefits.

    Simply make all freshman GS1s, if they get reelected they can be GS2s, whips and leaders can get GS3. That is all, no GS4s. We aren’t going to fix their corruption by giving them enough money to live in DC in the luxury some of them believe is the bare minimum.

    Why is this reform meme more viral than the NASCAR suit plan of putting their donors on their coveralls? That is just not fair.

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