Idaho and Nevada join the 21st century

Thanks to the recent Supreme Court decision not to take the appeals, 30 states now have marriage equality.

Oops, make that 32.

Yesterday, Idaho and Nevada’s bans were struck down as well. MarriageEqualityMap_GIF2

That means that the majority of states, containing over 60% of the population of the United States, have finally entered the 21st century.

It’s not all smooth sailing, of course. Some Republican governors are refusing to follow the court’s orders, despite the fact that such a thing is, you know, a violation of their oath of office and basically a form of treason. Like George Wallace standing in front of the schoolhouse blocking black children, they will serve as a reminder to future generations of how mean-spirited bigotry can be.

2 thoughts on “Idaho and Nevada join the 21st century

  1. Just a little news byte to keep the history here. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy on Wednesday temporarily blocked an appeals court ruling that declared gay marriage legal in Idaho and Nevada.

    It probably won’t last long but there are still people in legal power trying to fight this thing. It’s a hopeless battle now but they’re going down swinging.


  2. Kennedy gave them more time to appeal but that doesn’t mean the court will deny it three days from now. This is interesting because Kennedy was the swing vote that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act last year that led to all these decisions.


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