Judicial Activism knocks down Marriage Equality

A three panel federal court upheld anti-gay marriage laws yesterday.  Two Bush-appointed judges ruled that, despite the precedents set by the US Supreme Court and every single other federal court that has ruled on this issue, telling citizens they can’t get married is something perfectly fine.  “The voters should decide,” they argue.   gay+marriage+generic081612

Just like they did back in the days when laws prohibited people of different races from getting married, right?

The rest of the opinion was filled with the normal crap those against equality posted:  If we allow this, then we have to allow polygamy, and then the next thing you know people will want to marry their toaster.  You know, the kind of ridiculous arguments that those against equality have always spouted, going back to Dredd Scott.

This decision only applies to those states under the court’s jurisdiction:  Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.

An appeal can be filed to the entire bench (an “en banc” appeal) to reconsider this decision, but it is just as likely that it will instead go directly to the US Supreme Court where this issue was ultimately heading anyway.


2 thoughts on “Judicial Activism knocks down Marriage Equality

  1. Well, as one of my college friends used to remark a lot, “You just can’t fix people being stupid.”
    And whenever anyone asked him why, he’d answer with a smirk, “Because certain people just get lazy and become addicted to taking the easy way out of not thinking things through.”

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